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Some people only dream of exploration. We make it happen.

Explorer Consulting provides consulting services on "the business of exploration” to companies and individuals engaged in international exploration and adventure travel.  "The business of exploration" is the how, what and why aspect of exploration or, in other words, the "nuts and bolts" aspect of turning an idea into reality.  We offer everything from legal and operational advice to a complete fulfillment of the adventurer/explorer client’s vision of the experience of a lifetime.  Services cover every aspect of the business of exploration, including:

  • Advising on the application of relevant domestic and international law.
  • Obtaining legal clearance and overcoming permit barriers.
  • Developing organizational structures, either non-profit or for-profit, and corporate registration.
  • Securing corporate sponsorship and strategic partnerships.
  • Negotiating film, television and literary agreements.
  • Securing media partnerships.
  • Protecting and maximizing the return on intellectual property.
  • Full-scale expedition planning.
  • Organizing logistics.
  • Chartering ships, aircraft and equipment.
  • Developing and implementing risk management plans and providing options such as on-site medical care, emergency evacuation coverage and alternative solutions.
  • Recruiting and hiring team members.
  • On-site expedition leadership.
To download a company bio, please click here.

The three most common questions we are asked:



Clients often come to us with ideas about what they want to do but no clear answer as to whether it is possible to turn their ideas into reality.  Whether the idea is finding the engines that launched men to the Moon, filming a documentary in a remote location, or developing a plan to achieve a "first" in exploration, the answer to the question "Is this possible?" is almost always "Yes!"


Our consulting services focus on our clients' most critical issues and opportunities.  We give realistic assessments of whether an idea is possible to achieve by considering legal and logistical barriers, location, necessary expertise, strategy and available technology. We bring deep, functional expertise to problem-solving based on the diversity of our prior experience and connection to world leaders in exploration.



Even if a client knows that a potential project is possible, they do not know how to accomplish their goal, or at least part of their goal.  Whether the issue is how to overcome legal or logistical barriers, find the right personnel and equipment, fund an expedition, or communicate the results, there is always a solution. Finding solutions is where we excel.


Explorer Consulting has vast connections in the world of exploration and decades of experience in solving problems.  Whether the client needs specialized equipment to explore a remote environment, experienced personnel to staff the project, or legal and logistical advice to overcome obstacles, we excel at solving problems and offering creative solutions.  Answering the question "How do I do this?" is our greatest talent.  



Explorer Consulting is a different type of consulting service.  We have some of the best industry experts and offer unique access to specialized expertise and technological tools.  We enjoy solving problems and finding solutions.  We really enjoy helping explorers achieve their dreams.  Whenever we are asked "Will you help?" the answer is often "Yes!"

Our solutions are innovative and brave, while at the same time being based on industry knowledge and deep experience.  Whether our involvement with a client is simply offering legal or logistical advice, helping to shape an idea for presentation to a potential sponsor, or stepping into the role of project or expedition leader and achieving success, our assistance takes many forms.  Whatever form our assistance takes, we help you find solutions and turn ideas into reality. 

For examples of how Explorer Consulting helps its clients turn ideas into reality, please refer to our Projects page. 


“I’d like to call out a bunch of thank you’s.  First of all to David Concannon who pulled together this team.  The whole thing would simply have been impossible without the A-team, and I’m not sure anyone other than Dave could have brought them together.”

Jeff Bezos, founder and sponsor of the Apollo F-1 Search & Recovery Project, reporting from aboard the recovery ship Seabed Worker during its return to port, March 20, 2013.

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