​Proper planning is the difference between exploration and adventure, dreams and reality, success and failure. You have an idea about where you want to go but need help getting there?  We are the experts at the business of exploration, from overcoming legal obstacles to logistics, risk management, sponsorship, leadership, documentation and communication.  We help our clients turn ideas into reality.



We have worked on a variety of projects, from expeditions to film and explore the R.M.S. Titanic, Britannic and Bismarck; to finding and recovering historic aircraft, shipwrecks and space hardware; conducting scientific research on Mt. Everest; and launching the first private spaceflights.  We excel in helping clients explore remote locations and achieve goals that others have only imagined.


David Concannon, Founder of Explorer Consulting, 16,000 feet deep in the Bermuda Triangle 

Our goal at Explorer Consulting is to provide effective solutions designed to accomplish your objectives, no matter how difficult the challenge or remote the environment.

Our team of experienced explorers, attorneys, filmmakers and experts design solutions that are tailored specifically to the needs of your project to ensure you achieve your dreams of success.  We take dreams and turn them into reality.

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We have a diverse client list of explorers, adventurers, filmmakers and businesses varying from non-profit to corporate and private personal companies.  Although our clients have ranged in variety and scope, our niche is helping people successfully turn ideas into reality by helping them get into the field, meet their objectives and return safely and successfully.


“I’d like to call out a bunch of thank you’s. First of all to David Concannon who pulled together this team. The whole thing would simply have been impossible without the A-team, and I’m not sure anyone other than Dave could have brought them together.”

Jeff Bezos, founder and sponsor of the Apollo F-1 Search & Recovery Project 

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The Atlantic Sands Expedition

Discovery of an historic shipwreck three miles deep in the Bermuda Triangle. Photo: Deep Ocean Expeditions

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