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We joke about National Treasure a lot on OT: But this week, we get as close as we’re ever likely to get to the real deal with explorer, lawyer and exploration consultant David Concannon. His CV covers off multiple dives to the Titanic, the discovery of the world’s deepest wooden shipwreck and helping Jeff Bezos find Apollo 11’s engines, and that’s just the top line. Concannon also explains how exploration and the law are firmly entwined, and gives us a crash course on the economics of exploring. Of course, we also talk about watches, and his surprising friendship with one of Hollywood’s greatest stuntmen. The episode is sponsored by NOMOS Glashütte, tune in to hear Andy waxing lyrical about the beauty of the Club Campus Deep Pink. Check it out for yourself . Artem Straps has been busy dropping NATOs like they’re going out of style — check them out . Winter chill getting you down?

Kim Frank wears many hats. She’s a writer, editor and explorer. In fact, she’s a fellow at the Explorers Club and was recently the recipient of the Explorers Club Rolex Award. Kim tells us exactly what this is, what it entails and what it's really like to wear a Rolex while working on stories about how Asian elephants co-exist with humans in the Eastern Himalayas. We also learn about her love of other old watches, old cars and some lessons from a life well travelled. But before that meaningful content, Andy and Felix discuss wrestlers turned actors, glass onions and the dream of the four-way watch collab.  Like your watches with a dash of community inclusion?

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